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Lynx regulatory technology solutions are built for the aggregation of disparate data feeds and support both structured and unstructured data sets.
We offer three leading-edge solutions to help you streamline and automate your daily compliance requirements:

Market Surveillance

Analyze capital market order flow messages for market manipulations with Lynx SP, our real-time and T+1 trade monitoring solution

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Record Management

Organize your document flow with Lynx RMS, our regulatory record management system built for the specific needs of regulators and their member firms

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Market Visualization

Scrutinize the market state at its most granular sub-millisecond level to quickly assess the impact of order and trade messages with Lynx MG, our market visualization tool

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What we do

Improve your Productivity, Operating Efficiency, Performance, Risk Management Capabilities

Regulatory technology solutions

We help you meet constant surveillance challenges and mitigate risks.

In the cloud

We specialize in cloud-based trade monitoring, regulatory record management and data visualization applications.

For brokers and regulators

Lynx solutions meet the high security standards required by brokers and regulators in the capital markets.

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