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for Capital Markets Compliance

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What We Do

A little bit about Lynx Compliance Technologies

Lynx’s innovative and fully-integrated compliance software empowers your organization to substantially improve your productivity, operating efficiency and risk management capabilities.

Meet your demanding daily compliance requirements and unlocking your data’s value with scalable cloud-based surveillance solutions providing leading-edge visualization, investigation and analysis tools.

Our comprehensive trade monitoring solutions are easily customized and offer a streamlined, intuitive user interface backed by the latest back-end and front-end technologies.

Lynx solutions meet the high security standards required by brokers and regulators in the capital markets while delivering comprehensive contextual alerts and market information and consolidating your surveillance processes and analysis of deceptive market manipulations that may occur on execution venues across North America through your firm.

For regulatory organizations, our software’s configurable detection algorithms enable analysis of the most complex trading patterns. Protect the public interest, supervise market places and ensure that all regulated bodies and market practitioners comply with regulatory requirements.

Flexible pricing makes this sophisticated trade monitoring technology available to even the smallest broker dealer.